Civil Law Services

Avnish Singh & Associates is one of the leading law firm based in New Delhi and has experience of working with a team of dedicated lawyers in the areas of real estates, finance, individual and corporate development matters, in both national and global markets. Our expertise includes civil matters of all kinds, Service matters, Education, Management, Land, Property, Rent Control, Consumer matter, Family disputes, matrimonial issues.

We make our clients aware of all the legal and administrative requirements and also guide them through the process. We offer legal assistance to our clients for civil litigation and non-litigation such as consultancy services in regard to property laws, real estate, land, education, rent control, agreements, etc.

We have a dedicated team of experts which deal with civil litigations in various courts. We generously provide Legal Aid Services for individuals and give them the appropriate guidance in all the above matters.

Our specialization includes – 

  • Civil service matters at District Court, High Court and Supreme Court.
  • Real Estate services like registration, agreements, attestation, etc.
  • Other civil services like rent control, land, management, services, education, etc.
  • Services in Contract Drafting, Memorandums, Agreements etc.
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