Debt Recovery law

We understand chasing late payment is costly and time consuming.  At AS&A Lawyers, a law firm in India with offices in Delhi City, we could act on client’s behalf in dealing with the debtor, and in the meantime do a thorough research on debtors’ assets for payment obligations for evaluation of options to reclaim the debts.  Debt recovery lawyers at AS&A Lawyers INDIA beside other legal profession skills are equipped with mediation, an alternative dispute resolution skill that helps handling disputes effectively and professionally.  If pre-litigation efforts fail, we will look at an alternative strategy and taking legal actions will be the last resort.

We have experience in dealing with debt recovery cases for clients being exporters, insurance companies from EU, US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong.  AS&A Lawyers is an exclusive INDIAN law firm member of Supreme Court, A federal court; the highest body in the judicial branch.

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