M&A Legal Services

Business and legal issues today are intertwined as never before.

The increasing globalisation of competition, the rise of emerging markets including INDIA, the persistence of volatility, and the sharp increase in global regulatory scrutiny are some of the many factors that have led to an increase in strategic transactional activity—including acquisitions, disposals, mergers, strategic alliances, restructurings, spinoffs, IPOs, and joint ventures in INDIA.

From a business point of view, today’s environment is more complex, more competitive, and more fast-paced than ever. From a legal point of view, it has never been more important to get the due diligence, tax, structuring, compliance and contracts right, from start to finish. And in this competitive environment, timing is more critical than ever.

That’s why it makes sense to work with a legal network whose service offering is embedded within the powerful capabilities, sector exposure, and footprint of a global business services leader. One who can quickly mobilise a co-ordinated, integrated, highly effective team to help you gain maximum value from your deal.

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